SULO-chair was here

Thank you Kind + Jugend! The fair was a great experience for the SULO-chair. The first time in Germany with good company.

There was four other Finnish companies in Köln: LUMO Kids, Lullame, Babyidea and  Buubla. There should have been more products, brands, innovations and designs from Finland – because we have good things to share with the World.

For us the days in the hall 11.1 were good. Now we have a lot of things to do.  Things to find out and get more info. A positive thing!

We Finns tend to forget that we live in a middle of pure nature in Scandinavia. There a things that a very daily for us, but the rest of the World finds it very special.

In a fair like Kind + Jugend you meet so many people and get to understand how similar people are, yet different. What makes them tick and what is no-no.

In Finland were are very practical and in a way simple. Like SULO-chair. Just a chair – with multiple variations. We have a lot of good design and engineering talent – that we should bring to be found – like Kind + Jugend.



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